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Burt Jefferson Stiles (b. January 04, 1894, d. January 21, 1975)

Burt Jefferson Stiles (son of Winfield Scott Stiles and Ella Jefferson) was born January 04, 1894 in Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, and died January 21, 1975 in Rochester, MN. He married Odessa Mae Belcher on December 08, 1939 in Olmsted County Courthouse, Rochester, MN, daughter of William I. Belcher and Ella Rado Oakes.

 Notes for Burt Jefferson Stiles:
Burt grew up on the family farm, in Rock Dell Twp., where he was born. He was raised as an only child, as his other 2 siblings, had died prior to his birth. His brother Roy George, died at the age of 6, from diphtheria, and the other unnamed brother was stillborn (and is buried in an unmarked grave on the family farm). Roy is buried in the Pleasant Valley cemetery. Some 'growing- up' stories, Burt told, were interesting to me, as a child. He told how his mother had found a rattle snake wrapped up in his blanket with him, when he was still a baby. He told us many times of travelling to Rochester to visit his maternal grandmother, Susannah Sherman, by horse drawn buggy. They would take a weekend to go to Rochester. They would go half way, and stop and have a picnic, finishing the trip in the afternoon, then come back the next day (Sunday), repeating the process. He never tired of telling stories passed down to him by his father and grandmother (his grandfather, William Lyman Stiles, had died before he was born). He told of how his father, Winfield Scott Stiles, as long as he was all of 10 years old, and one of the big kids, had to walk alongside the oxcart, when they moved from Gilmanton, WI, to homestead anew in Pleasant Valley, MN. He told stories his grandmother had told him, about life in Vermont, before coming to Wisconsin in the late 1850's.

More About Burt Jefferson Stiles and Odessa Mae Belcher:
Single: December 08, 1939, Olmsted County Courthouse, Rochester, MN.

Children of Burt Jefferson Stiles and Odessa Mae Belcher are:

  1. Alden Cleo Stiles, b. September 06, 1940, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.
  2. +Edith Mae Stiles, b. September 22, 1941, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.
  3. +Gordon Jefferson Stiles, b. October 25, 1942, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.
  4. +Myrtle Elizabeth Stiles, b. March 13, 1944, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.
  5. +Elda Rader Stiles, b. March 23, 1945, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.
  6. +Alice Marie Stiles, b. September 14, 1946, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.
  7. Burt William Stiles, b. August 07, 1948, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN.




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