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Winfield Scott Stiles (b. January 08, 1855, d. May 19, 1939)

Winfield Scott Stiles (son of William Lyman Stiles and Betsy Hemmingway) was born January 08, 1855 in Roxbury, VT, and died May 19, 1939 in Stewartville, MN. He married Ella Jefferson on November 25, 1882 in Rochester, MN, daughter of Daniel M. Jefferson and Susannah Craddock.

 Notes for Winfield Scott Stiles:
Family legends:
Winfield came from Vermont with his family to Gilmanton, WI by riverboat "up the Ohio River" (quote from Lucy Stiles, wife of William Stiles, who used to hear Grampa Stiles (William Lyman Stiles) tell of coming to Wisconsin and Minnesota) to the Mississippi to either La Crosse, WI, or Winona, MN.

When Win was 10 years old, he moved with his family from Gilmanton, WI, to Pleasant Valley, MN. They came by oxcart. Because he was 10 years old, he walked beside the oxcart the whole distance, reserving seating on the oxcart for younger siblings and his mother.

Win was a stage coach driver where he met his future wife, Ella Jefferson.

In 1899, Win was elected (or appointed, not sure which) to be the constable of High Forest.

More About Winfield Scott Stiles and Ella Jefferson:
Single: November 25, 1882, Rochester, MN.

Children of Winfield Scott Stiles and Ella Jefferson are:

  1. Baby Boy Stiles, b. April 11, 1891, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, d. April 11, 1891, High Forest, MN.
  2. Roy George Stiles, b. June 16, 1884, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, d. May 10, 1891, High Forest, MN.
  3. +Burt Jefferson Stiles, b. January 04, 1894, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, d. January 21, 1975, Rochester, MN.





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