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Ella Jefferson (b. December 03, 1859, d. May 05, 1933)

Ella Jefferson (daughter of Daniel M. Jefferson and Susannah Craddock) was born December 03, 1859 in Manchester, IA, and died May 05, 1933 in Stewartville, MN. She married Winfield Scott Stiles on November 25, 1882 in Rochester, MN, son of William Lyman Stiles and Betsy Hemmingway.

 Notes for Ella Jefferson:
According the the 1880 census, Ella is living with her Aunt & Uncle Perry A. Honeywell, in Minnesota. They are living in High Forest and he is a hotelkeeper (the only hotel in High Forest at that time is the Tattersall House, so speculation tells us that Perry might be running this hotel, where Ella is helping in the hotel.)

Family legend has it that she met her husband Winfield Scott Stiles when he drove the stage. The Tattersall House was a known stage stop. (Winfield Scott drove a stage, and his son, Burt Jefferson, my father, related a story concerning driving this stage. Burt stated that he drove through bad weather, and at one time his hands were frozen to the reins, and when he got to his stage stop, his hands 'had to be pried loose from the reins', to thaw them out. And, Winfield's hands were all gnarled from driving stage.)

In the 1860 census for Delaware Country, IA, in Delaware twp., P.O. is Manchester; Ella is 7/12 years old, living with her Paternal grandparents, William Jefferson, born in NY (aged 62), & Joan, his wife, born in Iowa (aged 54). Her mother is already a widow at the age of 24, Susannah Craddock Jefferson.

Ella and Winfield were married at the home of her parents Nelson and Susanna Sherman, in Rochester, MN.

More About Ella Jefferson and Winfield Scott Stiles:
Single: November 25, 1882, Rochester, MN.

Children of Ella Jefferson and Winfield Scott Stiles are:

  1. Baby Boy Stiles, b. April 11, 1891, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, d. April 11, 1891, High Forest, MN.
  2. Roy George Stiles, b. June 16, 1884, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, d. May 10, 1891, High Forest, MN.
  3. +Burt Jefferson Stiles, b. January 04, 1894, Rock Dell Twp., Olmsted County, MN, d. January 21, 1975, Rochester, MN.




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