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John Stiles (b. December 25, 1595, d. June 04, 1662)

John Stiles (son of Thomas Stiles and Marie (or Mary) (Stiles)) was born December 25, 1595 in Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England, and died June 04, 1662 in Windsor, Hartford Cty., Conn.. He married Rachel on Abt. 1628 in Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England.

 Notes for John Stiles:
Copied verbatim from: 'The Stiles Genealogy, The Connecticut Family, by Ezra Stiles':
" John Stiles, the second son of the Millbroke family was baptized in St. Michael's Church, Milbroke, Bedforshire, England, the 25th of December, 1595; married Rachel ______________, and was forty years of age when he came to Windsor, Conn.
He had a home lot, next south of that of his brothers Francis, twelve rods wide, along the east side of the highway. In 1663, this was in possession of his eldest son Henry, who resided thereon until 1673, when he exchanged places with John (son of William) Gaylord. In 1660, John Stiles, Jr. had from his father, twelve acres wide, of the north side of Henry's lot, next the ferry road, (Bissel's Ferry Road), which he sold, in 1653, to Nathaniel Bissell. "that I, John Stiles, formerly lived upon."
In the seating of the Meeting-house, at Windsor, in 1659-60, among those who "have paid and were placed in the long seats when they paid," were "John Stiles, Senr.," and his wife, as is evidenced by the 6s. set opposite his name, that being the price for a man and wife.
John Stiles died at Windsor, Conn., June 4, 1662-3, aged 67. His widow died Sept. 3, 1674."

Personal note:
I am Gordon Stiles, on July 14th, 2007, while on vacation in the British Isles, me and my wife, Barbara, went to Millbrook, via train, from London. We were able to visit the church in Millbrook where our ancestor, John Stiles, Sr., was christened on Christmas Day, in 1595. It is a small picturesque setting on a hill, where St. Michael's church sits. From that hill, you can look across the countryside and see miles of farmland. There is a plaque on the wall inside St. Michael's, that was placed there by an organization called, The Stiles Family in America, which identifies the Stiles' that came over on the ship called The Christian, to Connecticut, and founded Windsor, in 1634. It was an exhilirating experience. Approximately 40 years have passed since I discovered that my ancestor John Stiles, had been christened in St. Michael's in Millbrook, and now I have seen it.

More About John Stiles and Rachel:
Marriage: Abt. 1628, Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England.

Children of John Stiles and Rachel are:

  1. Isaac Stiles, b. Abt. 1635, Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England, d. January 05, 1714/15.
  2. Sarah Stiles, b. 1638, Windsor,Hartford, Conn., d. May 22, 1695, Farmington, Hartford Cty., Conn..
  3. Henry Stiles, b. 1629, Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England, d. August 22, 1724, Windsor, Hartford Cty., Conn..
  4. +John Stiles, b. 1633, Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England, d. December 08, 1683, Windsor, Conn..
  5. Joan Stiles, b. 1632.





John Stiles Sr. - Bedfordshire Parish Registers