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Joab Oakes (b. 1844, d. May 09, 1919)

Joab Oakes (son of Joab Oakes and Elizabeth Hudson Kirby) was born 1844 in Museville, VA, and died May 09, 1919 in Franklin Co., VA. He married (1) Mary Jane Odineal on September 13, 1867 in Franklin Co., VA, daughter of George D. Odineal and Eliza P. Adams. He married (2) Sally Terry (Oakes) on October 08, 1903.

 Notes for Joab Oakes:
Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection
(Application for pension).
Name:: Joab Oakes, Age 62 As Of 1902, Left Leg And Hip Injured By Falling From
Horse During Service In The War. Application Approved By Chairman, Wm. Hurt

Pittsylvania County, Va --Menla

Member Of: Company I, 21st Va. Regt

Application Approved By Chairman, Wm. Hurt

In a booklet entitled "'Neath the Oakes", written (compiled) by Lonnie L. Okes, Jr. (1950-1956), it is stated that Joab Oakes, Jr., "was a soldier in the War Between the States, in Company E of the 42nd Regiment, under Sam Swanson.".

A grandson, R.M. Oakes, of Rocky Mount, VAL, said his grandfather was knows as Press Oakes, and lived in Martinsville, VA, for some time before his death.

"21st Regiment, Virginia Infantry

21st Infantry Regiment was organized in June and mustered into Confederate service in July, 1861, at Fredericksburg, Virginia. Most of the men were recruited in the city of Richmond and the counties of Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Cumberland, and Buckingham. After participating in Lee's Cheat Mountain and Jackson's Valley campaigns, the unit was assigned to J.R. Jones's and W.Terry's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It took an active part in many conflicts from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, then fought with Early in the Shenandoah Valley and the Appomattox Campaign. This regiment reported 60 casualties at First Kernstown and in May, 1862, totalled about 600 effectives. It lost 37 killed and 85 wounded at Cedar Mountain, had 3 killed and 9 wounded at Second Manassas, and reported 4 killed and 40 wounded at Chancellorsville. Of the 236 engaged at Gettysburg about twenty percent were disabled. Only 6 officers and 50 men surrendered. The field officers were Colonels William Gilham, John M. Patton, Jr., and William A. Witcher; Lieutenant Colonels Richard H. Cunningham, Jr., and William P. Moseley; and Majors William R. Berkeley, Alfred D. Kelly, John B. Moseley, and Scott Shipp. "

In the 1860 Slave Schedules for VA, Joab Oakes is listed as having 15 slaves. They range in age from 1 through 84.

In the compilation " 'Neath the Oaks", by Lonnie L. Oakes Jr.
It is said of Joab Oakes that he served in the War Between the States in Company F. of the 42nd Regiment, under Sam Swanson.

More About Joab Oakes and Mary Jane Odineal:
Marriage: September 13, 1867, Franklin Co., VA.

More About Joab Oakes and Sally Terry (Oakes):
Marriage: October 08, 1903

Children of Joab Oakes and Mary Jane Odineal are:

  1. +Thomas Wade Oakes, b. December 18, 1871, d. December 23, 1937.
  2. +Paulina P. Oakes, b. 1869, Franklin Co., VA.
  3. +George Albert Oakes, b. 1871, Franklin Co., VA, d., Indiana.
  4. +David W. Oakes, b. 1873, d. Bef. 1950.
  5. +Will Oakes, b. June 1876, d., Pittsylvania, VA.
  6. +John Oakes, b. March 1893.
  7. Dan Crispin Oakes, b. December 1889.
  8. Marjorie Annie Oakes, d., Pinhook, VA.
  9. Maude Oakes.
  10. +Ella Rado Oakes, b. May 25, 1886, d. December 18, 1954.
  11. Sam Oakes.

Children of Joab Oakes and Sally Terry (Oakes) are:

  1. Mary Oakes.