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Phoebe Belcher (b. 1775)

Phoebe Belcher (daughter of Isham E. Belcher and Elizabeth Clay) was born 1775.

 Notes for Phoebe Belcher:
This may have been this Phoebe.

Belcher/Finney - Deed, 1816

Deed Records - Microfilm #M40989-0031499
Deed Book #7 - page 427

This indenture made this 27th day of May 1816 between Isham Belcher of the
County of Franklin & State of Virginia of the one part & Zachariah Finney of
the County & State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Isham
Belcher has this day bargained & sold unto the said Zachariah Finney for and
in consideration of the sum of twenty pounds twelve shillings & 6p
in hand paid this receipt where of is hereby acknowledged a certain tract or
parcel of land situate lying and being on the ridge between Snow Creek and
Fork including the head of one Branch running into Snow Creek containing by
survey 27 & a half acres. Bounded as followeth viz; Beginning at Pointers in
Jesse Pruntys line on the old road leading from Richard Stocktons to Jn.
Pinchards & thence Pruntys lines North 17 Poles to a chestnut [&?] oak thence
N 12 degrees W 28 Poles to a Chestnut tree N 32 degrees W 19 Poles to a White
Oak N 75 degrees W 41 Poles to Pointers in Finneys line, thence with his line
N 55 degrees E 49 Poles to a White Oak thence with his line S 66E 79 Poles to
a White Oak, Red Oak & Sourwood, thence with Pruntys line N 81 E 5 Poles to
Pointers in Belchers line thence to a dividing line S 42 W 92 Poles to the
To have and to hold [unto?] the said Zachariah Finney his heirs & forever the
said Isham Belcher doth for himself his heirs & etc warrent the said land &
premises with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise
appertaining unto the said Zachariah Finney his heirs & free from the Just
claim or demand of any person or persons whatever. In Witness whereof the said
Isham Belcher hath hereunto set his hand and seal this day and year above
Signed, sealed & Acknowledged in the presence of Jesse Prunty.
Isham Belcher

At the Clerks office of Franklin Co, June 3rd 1816 This Indenture of Bargain
and Sale between Isham Belcher of the one part & Zachariah Finney of the other
part was acknowledged by the said Isham Belcher and admitted to be recorded.

Teste: Caleb Tate, Clerk Franklin County

Is it this Phoebe (below note)?

Phoebe Belcher Swinney Deed, 1818

Phoebe Belcher Swinney to Heirs
Deed Book 7, page 134

Franklin County May the 29th of 1818, Whereas it is now talked of that other
people is to share with my children in what little it hath pleased God to
bless me with, which property is all that I am now in possession of, that is,
negroes, all my other property I have disposed of to my three Daughters in
consequence of due consideration, why this should be the case I know not. In
consequence of my situation from beginning to the present day, the offspring
of my own body ought and shall heir all the property I am now in possession of
without the interruption of any person or persons whatsoever, except the heirs
of my own body which is Kesiah Boldwin, Prudence Belcher, Isham Belcher,
Polley Warwick, Frances Belcher, them and them alone is to share in my
Given under my hand this 29th day of May 1818, Witness my hand and Seal.
Signed, Sealed and Acknowledged in the presence of us.
John Pinkard, Charles McBride, Evelina Belcher
At the Clerks Office of Franklin County, June 4th, 1818

Signed: Phebe [her mark] Swinney

This declaration of Phebe Swinney respecting her property was proved by the
oath of John Pinckard and Charles McBride two of the witnesses hereto and
admitted to Record.
Teste: Caleb Tate, Clerk of Franklin County.