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William Thomas Belcher (b. 1615)

William Thomas Belcher (son of Henry Belcher and Mary Mitchell) was born 1615 in Warwickshire Co., England. He married Tabitha Bartlett on August 04, 1636.

 Notes for William Thomas Belcher:
William Thomas Belcher

Warrosquyoake (1634-37).
2. Name changed to Isle of Wight in 1637.
William Thomas Belchers father was Henry T. Belcher
b @ 1565-1578 also listed as Henry Thomas Belcher:
also listed as Thomas Henry Belcher
listed as Guilsborough Northamptonshire England

married:#1 ? in Aston Parish Warwickshire England
married:#2 Mary Mitchell:
No confirmed and documented information on Henry or Mary Mitchell
that they ever came to the United States has been found so far, that I know of.
One of their Children William Thomas Belcher is our earliest ancestor of our lines that we can say for sure.

(Warrosquyoake (1634-37)).

Warrosquyoake (1634-37).. Name changed to Isle of Wight in 1637. "Early Virginia Immigrants" Lists William Thomas Belcher came to America on the immigrated to the (Warrosquoyoake)Isle of Wight County Va @1637. Sponsored by: John Seaward Isle of Wight County.
(so by this account Henry and Mary his parents were never in America
unless they came by other means.
Records have him marrying Tabitha in 1636 Isle of Wight. Difference of a year here(change to the Gregorian Calendar makes some genealogy dates off one year)

A court record in the Virginia state Library states:
"Belcher in Virginia , a judgment of court for a debt. Jan'ry 12, 1659-
Charles City Co ,s of the James River, M B Parish.
(note: this John Cogan must have been a mercantile store owner. I have seen other peoples court orders to pay him also listed in the Virginia State Library Collection).
Dec. 22, 1657 Thomas Belcher and George Fulke is listed as witnesses to John Mansfield and Richard Searle transfer of a Land document in Nominy Westmoreland County Virginia. "Virginia Colonial Abstracts". Marrying Tabitha Bartlett, a name well known in Massaschusetts, and Bartelot in England. Travels were often made between Massaschusetts and the Virginia Colonists. Tabitha father is unknown as records for women were almost non existent, except for marriage records and a widow was listed as head of household and many early Virginia records were destroyed in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Tabitha is supposed to have been on the ship "Anne" in 1623. Several of the passengers names of this ship are not known. Whether Tabitha was on this ship is not proven.
A Robert Bartlett of Mass was listed on this ship.

Four possibilites are for Tabithas father:

:"Virginia Company Records"
1..."Lieutenant Wm. Bartlett is to take 11 men....etc....to Marrectogack Bay Lieut. Bartlett is to have the newly cropped wheat (34 barrels of corn )and to repay it at the next harvest."11-12-Nov 1619:Records of the Virginia Company volume iii. p 3226
This Places a Lieut. William Bartlett in Virginia at the time.

"Early Virginia Pioneers"
2...Lists Richard Bartlett with the Virginia Company records in 1616 with wife and dau.
Warwick Squeake Area no names are given for wife and daughter.

3...also a Richard Bartlett came in 1637:
Early Virginia Immigrants; 1623-1666
Bartlett, Richard, 1637,(sponsored) by John Judson, Charles River Co.

4...A Robert Bartlett of Mass was listed on this ship.
listed on the ship Anne 1623 but dont know if its this Robert Bartlett.
A Robert Bartlett is listed as owning land in 1645 27 sep, 200 acres at head of Chuckatucke, Upper Norfolk, Virginia Land Patents 2 page 48
This Robert made his will in 1679 Isle of Wight County. Will proven 2 May 1679
These Belchers are listed as early Virginia Belchers:

Early Virginia Immigrants; 1623-1666
Belcher, Wm., 1655,(sponosored) by Peter Ford, Gloucester Co.
Belcher, Walt., 1651,(sponosored) by Capt. Tho. Davis, Northumberland Co.
Belcher, Walt., 1645, (sponsored)by Thomas Davis, Warwick Co.
Belcher, Thomas, 1637, (sponsored)by John Seaward, Isle of Wight Co.

Compiled from land records stored in Richmond, this collection of immigrants is a must for anyone looking for relatives in early Virginia. Each entry also gives the person who sponsored the immigrant to America.
Greer, George Cabel. "Early Virginia Immigrants" 1623-1666. Richmond, VA: W. C. Hill Printing Co., 1912.

More About William Thomas Belcher and Tabitha Bartlett:
Marriage: August 04, 1636

Children of William Thomas Belcher and Tabitha Bartlett are:

  1. +Robert Belcher, b. 1640, Isle of Wight Co., VA.
  2. Thomas Belcher, b. 1637.
  3. Elizabeth Belcher, b. 1638.