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Hugh Belcher (b. Abt. 1450)

Hugh Belcher was born Abt. 1450 in Lavenham, Suffolkshire, England. He married Havis Belson in Staffordshire, Stafford, England, daughter of Thomas Belson


 Notes for Hugh Belcher:
The surname Belcher is uncommon and of Old French Origin. The origination of the name came from the old French word Bel-Chere meaning good companion, or good cheer.
The Belcher surnamed appeared in medieval England after William the Conqueor's army came to England in 1066.
Early derivitives of the name was Belcher, Belche, Belesur, Bellasis, Belsher, Belsire,. Other variants of the name reached the America's. Belesur is believed to the the original name that our line of Belcher's came from.
The Belcher surname can be found in legal documents in Staffordshire England in the 1100's when Ralph De Belcher was witness to a deed.
"Historical Collections of Staffordshire" Vol 1. Page 291.
One line of the Belchers were seated in Guilsborough, Northamptonshire England. The earliest known descendant of this branch was Hugh Belcher born around 1460 of Guilsborough listed in "Calendar of Wills", 1510. Living in the reign of Edward the IV of England, this family held landed estates and bore the arms:
"Loyal Au Mort" (Loyal even to Death).
Paly of six, or (Gold) gules (red), a Chief Vair. Crest, a greyhounds head, erased (not couped or cut off but torn off), and Ermine. The greyhound symbolizes alertness in the discharge of duty. The Chief signifies dominion and authority, and ermine and vair (fur) authority and honor. Ermine and vair are the oldest of furs of heraldy and denotes generosity and elevation of mind. Gules denotes military fortitude and magnanmimity.
The Pedigree of Belcher was entered into the "Visitations of Warwickshrie and Northamptonshire" in 1619.

Hugh Belcher was born around 1460 in Staffordshire England and married Havis Belson daughter of Thomas Belson of Brewood in Staffordshire.

More About Hugh Belcher and Havis Belson:
Marriage: Staffordshire, Stafford, England.

Children of Hugh Belcher and Havis Belson are:

  1. +John Belcher, b. 1478, Staffordshire, Stafford, England, d. Aft. 1506.